Best Cabin Rental Destinations

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Best Cabin Rental Destinations

You can describe our cottages as smal homes made of wood with all the amenities needed for a great four-season holiday destination.

Call then cabins for rent, chalets or vacation homes all our cottages are situated around Lac des Pins in Rawdon, Québec, in a rural area about 7 km ouest of a small village called Rawdon in Quebec, Canada.

Chalets des Pins will allow you to unplug from the busy world and reconnect with nature and yourself. Spend the days relaxing and watching Mother Nature in her glorious splendour.

The night brings with it a brand new tapestry of sights and sounds. Listen to the silence echoing across the lake, as you sit under a blanket of radiant stars.
Reminisce around a crackling campfire – at Chalets des Pins time is yours.

Our cottage rentals provide visitors with an opportunity to discover the captivating landscape that spreads over 300 acres of lush forest, green gardens and
private beaches surrounding the prestige waters of Lac des Pins. Before you know it you will be hiking, skiing, swimming or on that quiet canoe ride you were dreaming of…

Chalets des Pins lend itselfe perfectly to outdoor sporting recreations and wildlife watching. As a four-season holiday destination,
Rawdon and the Lanaudière region caters to hikers, cyclists, golfers in the summer, and skaters, down-hill skiers, cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and snowmobile in winter.

The Lanaudière region is a popular place to partake in recreation and leisure year-round.
With farmers’ markets and street fairs, as well as shops and music festivals and art galleries that display and sell local artists’ work.

Have a great vacation with us at Chalets des Pins!