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Chalets des Pins is much more than just renting a cottages …

Chalets des Pins spans over 300 acres of lush forest surrounding our private lake. You can enjoy this beautiful holiday retreat in a countryside setting. We offer first rate accommodation in our luxurious cottages by the lake. You can choose to host one of our luxurious cottages on Lac des Pins in Rawdon, Québec.

At Chalets des Pins a wide range of activities can be practiced year round on our grounds or nearby.

A gift certificate is the perfect gift.

Offer a memorable experience, the opportunity to indulge! to a loved one, friend or employee, by offering a gift certificate. The perfect Christmas gift, for a romantic getaway, for a family outing, the perfect wedding gift, Say happy Mother’s Day.

Offer a gift certificate worth:

• $ 100.00
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• $ 300.00
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If you have questions, you can contact us by phone
450 834-3401 or 1 877 834-3401, Monday to Friday 9am to 21: 00

We will send you your gift certificate by mail and our brochure.
The gift certificate can not be exchanged against cash, valid for 12 months from the date of issue.